[PC-BSD Testing] Firefox 3.0.4 repeatedly downloads but does not install

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Nov 25 06:25:26 PST 2008

That was indeed the problem. The ff3 pbi on our mirror server was corupt. I've re-uploaded the correct file now, and it should be on all the mirrors in thr next few hours. Sorry about the trouble! If you find any other which are corrupt, please let me know.
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>Launching PCBSD 7.01 AMD64 tonight, I am told of an available Firefox
>3.0.4 PBI Update. After two attempts at upgrading during which the
>process immediately says it has completed after the download is
>finished, I am prompted again for a PBI Upgrade.
>I also tried downloading/saving  before running the PBI but the system
>says the archive fails internal data integrity check. I have never seen
>this kind of problem before and I have tried manually downloading from
>two different mirrors now with the same result.  Something is up.

It's possible this is specific to the AMD64 version. I just downloaded the
Firefox 3.0.4 and KTorrent 2.2.8 updates and they did install fine. Firefox
initially did not report the 3.0.4 in the Start menu. After I rebooted, it all
showed and launched correctly.


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