[PC-BSD Testing] Firefox 3.0.3 horked?

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Nov 20 07:19:47 PST 2008

Peter Brewster wrote:
> Arthur - Just tried your sequence on up-to-date i386 and Ff.  No such blowup.  However the load of an ad was never going to complete.  Could not even get a completion for Ff using the stop-load-X.
> Ff acts strange on the pc-bsd system however.  Some videos die in the middle and may or may not restart.  Elevator use is odd- herky-jerky, and some other operations seem herky-jerky some of the time.  Something is not right.  (Opera has some page completion problems that are not predictable also.)
> I also did the 'horked' sequence on my WinXP with latest Ff.  Ads and all came in too fast to see.  (Different port on same net router, fast pipe.)

I just tried it on amd64 with FF 3.0.3, and no crash here. Do you think 
the strangeness may be flash related though? We are using the linux 
version of the Flash plugin right now, and until we get a native 
solution, I think flash will behave a bit weirdly :P



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