[PC-BSD Testing] HP xw8200 workstation boot problem SOLVED

Brodey Dover pcfxer at rogers.com
Mon Nov 17 14:27:30 PST 2008

Ian Robinson wrote:
> Dear Friends:
> I am happy to report that the latest FreeBSD 7.1-BETA2-i386 dated
> October -13-2008 boots flawlessly.  Therefore, the problem -- whatever
> it was -- is solved by this newer FreeBSD release -- which Kris
> Moore's dedication and past history shows is likely to filter its way
> into PCBSD very quickly. :)
> But just to provide feedback on some of the suggestions made:
> (1) The system BIOS was the latest one for the xw8200.
> (2) The LSI SCSI has a combo bios/firmware update.   I have not
> applied it yet, but that will be one of my weekend projects.  That
> having been said, I do not think it was a SCSI controller issue, as I
> had tried booting after disconnecting the power plugs and drive cables
> to both SCSI drives and to the IDE which did not make any difference
> in the boot-freeze problem.
> (3) The DVD firmware is current.
> (4) Because the FreeBSD Beta2 CD provided success, I have not tried a
> USB boot yet.
> Thank you to Arthur Koziol, A. Yerenko ("A.Y."), Brody Dover,  and
> Kris Moore for all your help, analysis, and suggestions.
> Additional eternal gratitude to the "large team of individuals" who
> work on FreeBSD and to "the Founder" Kris Moore for his labors and his
> releases.
> Ian Robinson
> Salem, Ohio.
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This may have something to do with it:


        2.2.1 Boot Loader Changes

[amd64, i386] The BTX kernel used by the boot loader has been changed to 
invoke BIOS routines from real mode. This change makes it possible to 
boot FreeBSD from USB devices.

[amd64, i386] A new gptboot boot loader has been added to support 
booting from a GPT labeled disk. A new boot command has been added to 
which makes a GPT disk bootable by writing the required bits of the boot 
loader, creating a new boot partition if required."

I'm glad things have finally 'started' (bad pun, I know) for you Ian!

Brodey Dover

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