[PC-BSD Testing] incomplete shutdowns

Brodey Dover pcfxer at rogers.com
Sun Nov 9 18:49:53 PST 2008

Bill Leeper wrote:
> I pretty much have the same configuration running on every shutdown so  
> I can't attribute it to that. The only thing I leave running all the  
> time is folding at home running in a terminal. That is normally the only  
> program that is active when I shutdown. I will try and remember to  
> close that out next time and see what happens.
> On Nov 9, 2008, at 12:19 PM, Gary B. Corell wrote:
>> I have also had a problem with the shutdowns but I have noticed
>> something and that is that it seems to be whatever is running when
>> shutdown.  Seamonkey for one will cause it to hang and so will  
>> teamspeak
>> client for instance. Teamspeak would even hang up or prevent  
>> shutdown of
>> KDE 3.5.8but at least there ist would sometimes notify you of it.  In
>> many cases, when it hangs with the program window open, simply  
>> closeing
>> it usiong the "file menu" will permit it to complete shutdown with no
>> further problems. I think Skype is another problem
>> It's not every program that causes that. I keep Patience card game  
>> open
>> for my wife and when I shut down it is ignored and shuts down like it
>> should.
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Hi Bill,

You should Ctrl+C FAH as the program cleans it's self after receiving a 
kill -9. I forget what the normal shutdown routine calls but I doubt 
that it is a kill 9 signal.


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