[PC-BSD Testing] Better nVidia Driver for PCBSD 7 AMD64?

Yvan Martin navyn5 at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 3 20:12:25 PST 2008

There OS has no problems detecting the Video adapter or selecting the 
proper driver. PCBSD 7 works very well on the device once it's 
installed. The only problem is during the install process where the 
"Quick Tips" at the bottom of the screen overlay the active buttons at 
the bottom of the screen so that they are hidden.

Since PCBSD 7 runs well on the Acer Aspire One, it is a shame that there 
is no easy way to turn off "Quick Tips" or to toggle them on or off 
during the install process. There is simply not enough space in the 600 
vertical pixels of the 1024x600 screen to display everything that would 
be otherwise visible on a normal size desktop or laptop display. One can 
blindly find his/her way around but it's less than ideal and may 
discourage someone trying PCBSD for the first time.

Brodey Dover wrote:
> Yvan Martin wrote:
>> I would welcome suggestions about my shutdown/restart dilemma: whenever 
>> I go to the menu and choose "Leave" and whether I choose to shutdown or 
>> restart I seem to get the same behaviour: the current session ends, but 
>> Xserver seems to hang and I am left with a white pointer on a black 
>> background. on rare occasions after a pause, the shutdown sequence will 
>> continue, but most of the times I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to 
>> terminate the X-windows session and choose shutdown or restart from the 
>> new login screen.
>> This happens both on my 32 bit install (Acer Aspire One Netbook) or my 
>> 64bit AMD Desktop.
>> Also, is there a way to toggle the "Quick Tips" on and off during 
>> install? On my Netbook, the tips overlay some of the other buttons 
>> (because of the limited 600 pixel height of the screen and it's a 
>> frustrating guessing game at times trying to go forward from one screen 
>> to the next when installing. More than one I have found myself moving 
>> backwards rather than forward through screens and trying to figure out 
>> how many times I need to hit the "Tab" key before I get to the right 
>> hidden button.
>> Thanks.
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> Doesn't the Aspire One use the 945GE chipset with integrated graphics? 
> In which case, use the intel graphics driver or vesa.
> Regards,
> Brodey Dover
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