[PC-BSD Testing] PBI's and re0

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon May 26 08:53:28 PDT 2008

Bill Leeper wrote:
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> Firefox did build and run properly from ports for me. I did not  
> install ports from the old disk 2 CD of Edison, rather did a clean  
> fetch after installing the Alpha. I also installed the KDE3 game  
> pack. All work and no play makes Bill a dull little geek.   :-) Has  
> anyone else been having the disappearing and reappearing task bar?

This is a bug in kbfx right now, whenever you add / remove a kmenu icon, 
it "reloads" from scratch. I've already brought this up with the kbfx 
developers, and we'll get this fixed before any official release.

Kris Moore

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