[PC-BSD Testing] PBI's and re0

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon May 26 08:52:08 PDT 2008

Tim is correct here. Most PBIs will NOT work on the new Alpha-7 ISO, 
since the jump from FreeBSD 6.x to FreeBSD 7 breaks binary 
compatibility. I've included the compat6x port, but that isn't 
foolproof, and as you are seeing, not all PBIs run properly on PCBSD7. 
Among other things, this is due in part to some changes to threading on 
7, which is incompatible with 6.x binaries.

That being said, the purpose of this alpha ISO is to test the installer, 
and desktop itself at the moment. We have a couple of new build servers 
in the works right now, and when they come online, we will "re-generate" 
the PBI database with native versions for PC-BSD7. At that point they 
should all work just fine. (Many of them will work better, since the new 
threading works much nicer, and fixes a lot of wine crashes as well)

Kris Moore

Tim McCormick wrote:
> It is to be expected at the current stage of PCBSD7 that few, if any, 
> PBIs will work. This is mainly due to changing platform from FreeBSD 6 
> to FreeBSD 7, thereby breaking binary compatibility.
> If you want to use PBIs you really ought to be using the latest 
> *released* version of PC-BSD, PC-BSD 1.5.1.
> Tim
> Gary B. Corell wrote:
>> Yall:
>>  I thought my problem with PBIs  was just my own problem but apparently not.
>> I have installed A05092008 and had problems with several of them most notably 
>> firefox and thunderbird including the Linux one with the wine support. Like 
>> Bill Leeper I got  a good many errors on most of the ones I tried and they 
>> just wouldnt install. 
>>  A couple of them however did install but give me funny responses which, 
>> unfortunatly I havent captured yet to display here, but they do work. the 
>> ones that have succeeded are Skype 2.0 and Putty 0.6. Opera 9 went in ok but 
>> at first time to try after a boot up, it reported an error but it does work 
>> ok now. so the list of successes is now 1. Opera, 2. putty, 3. Skype 2.0, & 
>> 4. PDFedit.
>>  One last thing on this subject, the add/remove programs did succeed in 
>> removing the flakey PBIs with no problem.
>>   From ports collection I have installed TeamSpeak2 client and several of the 
>> KDE packages not otherwise installed at beginning. Thunderbird, seamonkey, 
>> and firefox would not build from ports.
>>  Before installing that Alpha I tried 05132008 but did not try the PBIs 
>> because it would not start the re0 ethernet interface even after rebooting to 
>> PCBSD 1.5 and even XP ( please dont hold that against me:). I also tried to 
>> use sysinstall to start it and had rebooted several times before giving up on 
>> it. What I forgot to do was to try to kldload the if_re0.ko module.
>>  Gary B. Corell
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