[PC-BSD Testing] PBI's and re0

Gary B. Corell wa5qjh at xmission.com
Sun May 25 14:46:15 PDT 2008

 I thought my problem with PBIs  was just my own problem but apparently not.
I have installed A05092008 and had problems with several of them most notably 
firefox and thunderbird including the Linux one with the wine support. Like 
Bill Leeper I got  a good many errors on most of the ones I tried and they 
just wouldnt install. 
 A couple of them however did install but give me funny responses which, 
unfortunatly I havent captured yet to display here, but they do work. the 
ones that have succeeded are Skype 2.0 and Putty 0.6. Opera 9 went in ok but 
at first time to try after a boot up, it reported an error but it does work 
ok now. so the list of successes is now 1. Opera, 2. putty, 3. Skype 2.0, & 
4. PDFedit.
 One last thing on this subject, the add/remove programs did succeed in 
removing the flakey PBIs with no problem.
  From ports collection I have installed TeamSpeak2 client and several of the 
KDE packages not otherwise installed at beginning. Thunderbird, seamonkey, 
and firefox would not build from ports.

 Before installing that Alpha I tried 05132008 but did not try the PBIs 
because it would not start the re0 ethernet interface even after rebooting to 
PCBSD 1.5 and even XP ( please dont hold that against me:). I also tried to 
use sysinstall to start it and had rebooted several times before giving up on 
it. What I forgot to do was to try to kldload the if_re0.ko module.
 Gary B. Corell

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