[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 05132008

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed May 14 08:39:34 PDT 2008

I didn't notice this here, but maybe your setup is different. What type 
of connection do you have. DHCP? Try this, login as root and run 
"dhclient <device>", does that bring up a connection? Maybe something 
with networking is setup a bit different in 7-Stable, I'll take a closer 
look when I get back home if you haven't figured it out yet :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

Bill Leeper wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> OK, I have one major problem with this Alpha. I have no internet  
> connection at all. Everything comes back unknown host. What  
> information do I need to gather for you on this? I am not  
> particularly knowledgeable in this area but will do some more  
> checking to see if I can figure something out. As far as I can tell  
> all the settings are correct, but the fact that the unknown host  
> comes back immediately seems to indicate to me that it is something  
> local to the system.
> OK, pinging my router returns permission denied. I tried turning off  
> the Firewall and that does nothing. Anyone else having a problem with  
> connecting to the internet?
> On May 14, 2008, at 6:06 AM, Kris Moore wrote:
>> Here's another alpha:
>> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-isos/i386/PCBSD7-Alpha-x86-05132008.iso
>> MD5 (PCBSD7-Alpha-x86-05132008.iso) = c53b9a571bf9019ea167b0bac9ecb758
>> This cut fixes up now NVIDIA drivers are installed, and has been  
>> tested
>> on my systems here, and seems to work now.
>> Also, this version has been updated to 7-STABLE, which has some more
>> hardware improvements, and fixes some boot issues I've been told.  
>> Please
>> try it out and let me know if it seems to fix anything!
>> FYI, I will be out at BSDCan for the rest of the week. When I get  
>> back,
>> I plan to start working on the Installer GUI for 7, adding some new
>> features and functionality that FreeBSD 7 offers. I look forward to
>> making a test ISO available shortly afterwards so we can beat up  
>> some of
>> these features.
>> Thanks!
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