[PC-BSD Testing] 2nd Alpha available - default font size

Terry Poulin bigboss1964 at gmail.com
Sun May 11 08:13:51 PDT 2008

The size on screen of a font size (in points especially) varies
between OSes and monitors. Not only do you have the monitors size and
resolution but the OSes PPI /or DPI settings to make fonts feel more

There are about 72 points to an inch, I think Macs take this as
meaning 72pts being the same as 72 pixels in order to display it on a
monitor. While Windows and X do not, however they do sort the size of
a point. IIRC the font spec that is accepted by most Xapps -fn/-font
option has fields for font size in pixels and in decipoints, but I'm
not sure how they try to display 'points' on screen.

Sadly, this makes points less then ideal if you ever want to set a
webpages fonts to a specific size in CSS !

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 8:11 AM, brian <brian.smith at summerside.ca> wrote:
>  Yep , my fonts are set at 10 . I'm not exactly sure about the exact font
>  sizes for my other OSes , but their default fonts are much easier to read .
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