[PC-BSD Testing] 7 Alpha

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Thu May 1 19:24:15 PDT 2008

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I can confirm the installer problem of last night. When the installer  
boots up and I get to the drive setup part the first time I click on  
a drive any free space will show up. If I click off the drive and  
then back on it the free space no longer shows up.

Also, I seem to have a problem with the boot loader. I have three  
SATA drives in the system. I am installing the alpha 7 on the first  
drive, the second drive has Ubuntu, and the third drive has Edison on  
it. When I boot from the first drive the OS selection menu comes up  
and lists my SkyOS partition on the first drive and alpha 7 on that  
drive. It also lists my Ubuntu drive, but does not have an entry for  
Edison on the third drive. That is not a problem as I boot Edison  
from the BIOS boot list. I just thought it was a bit odd.

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