[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD7 Alpha

Andreas Betschart vato12003 at yahoo.de
Thu May 1 08:46:12 PDT 2008


The installation went well, even the language package from PC-BSD 1.5.1 for 
German worked.
Only the Nvidia drivers did not work. The generic nv driver worked.


PBI installation and deinstallation worked well. As announced, not all 
programs installed through PBI worked.


Sound, Internet, Kopete, playing movies all worked.
Playing DVD's did not work. Neither in Kaffeine nor in Kmplayer.


Mounting the second harddisk, connecting a USB MP3 player with a harddisk and 
a USB stick all worked.


The default PC-BSD color scheme is not saved. Changing the color scheme means 
losing the PC-BSD color scheme.


The locate command does not work (database too small). Using periodic weekly 
to change this does not help. It seems that the command periodic weekly does 

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