[PC-BSD Testing] 1.5 Installer bug: Can't change keymap

Yamashiro, Jun yamajun at ofug.net
Wed Mar 19 10:18:45 PDT 2008


I found PC-BSD 1.5 installer bug and how to fix.

Can't change keymap in 1.5 installer.  Because, setxkbmap(1)
can't work at /usr/local/pcbsd/scripts/PCBSD.SetKeyboard.sh

(After install, keymap changed correctly)

How to fix:
	"mkdir -p /var/lib/xkb" in installer OS image.

setxkbmap(1) is depend with /usr/local/share/X11/xkb/compiled.
It symlink of /var/lib/xkb in FreeBSD.  But, missing "/var/lib/xkb"
in 1.5 installer.  swtxkbmap(1) can't work.

Fix example:
					(Run xterm in 1.5 installer)
pcbsd# cat > /dev/null
@					(Type 'Shift_2' with US keymap)
pcbsd# setxkbdmap -model jp106 -layout jp
Error loading new keyboard description	(Can't change keymap)
pcbsd# cat > /dev/null
@					(Type 'Shift_2' with US keymap)
pcbsd# mkdir -p /var/lib/xkb
pcbsd# setxkbdmap -model jp106 -layout jp
pcbsd# cat > /dev/null			(keymap changed)
"					(Type 'Shift_2' with JP keymap)

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