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Terry Poulin bigboss1964 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 00:07:24 PDT 2008

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I too got the error message that was reported about soundcard.xml during
boot up, a quick look showed it was just a typo, some one probably mixed up
a copy/paste op.

--- /PCBSD/soundDetect/soundcards.xml    2008-03-15 06:14:31.000000000 +0000
+++ /tmp/soundcards.xml    2008-03-15 06:23:56.000000000 +0000
@@ -150,10 +150,5 @@
 <!--End Aureal -->

-    </x12eb>
-<!--End Aureal -->


The PC-BSD Update Manager is very nice, there is only one problem....  If I
was not the only user on my laptop -- I would have a major problem with it
not prompting for the root user password

%wheel  ALL= (root) NOPASSWD: /PCBSD/SystemUpdater/bin/SystemUpdater.sh

Especially since as far as I know, it is ___only___ noted on the PC-BSD
Testing Mailing List that it is done via sudo --> and not documented in the
release notes ;-)

I'm glad I don't use sudo often enough to backup my suders file because
y'all overwrote it instead of appending your rule hehe. Again, only
documented on the TESTING mailing list as far as I know.

Also, after I pkg_add'd my shell and desktop back I've found an unusual
problem. I have a script that automatically changes my wallpaper every 10
minutes in

/usr/local/bin/wmsetbg -u -s %s

Now that program fails to scale images properly and all of my many
wallpapers have layed out crazy on my 1280x800 screen:\

I'd appreciate some ideas here lol -- I don't mind having to wait on my
xorg.conf to be regenerated or reinstalling wmaker but this is a no no.

I also had to adjust my xorg.conf file:

    FontPath     "/usr/local/share/fonts"
    FontPath     "/usr/home/Terry/.fonts"

/usr/local/share/fonts should be in there to start with, as far as I know
that is where KDE's kcm module for installing fonts stores stuff.


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