[PC-BSD Testing] Video drivers settings problems

Rod Clark sc at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Mar 14 07:52:04 PDT 2008


There's something odd happening now when setting the video
driver in 1.5. Initially I had set it up with Nvidia 169.12. But
when the audio bug came up, I set the X driver back to nv, which
I'd been using on, just to be paranoid. Changing it
didn't affect the sound problem, so I went to set it back to
Nvidia. Using the graphical K dialog box, the changeover hung up
mid-process for several minutes with a black screen with a white
outline X cursor in the middle. I could move the mouse cursor
but nothing else responded. I manually rebooted the machine and
picked 6 from the bootup menu.

After checking my display's (Planar PL2010M) resolution, it
incorrectly presented 1024x768 in the dialog. (But it also did
that the first time when everything else worked right).

In any case, it wouldn't return to the Nvidia driver. When I
picked 1600x1200 24-bit, it instead showed a 1024x768 preview
screen. And even if I clicked OK a that point, it wouldn't
install the 1024x768 Nvidia driver, exiting with an error
message. When I picked the nv driver instead, it proceeded
normally from there, and so now I'm back to 1600x1200. Unlike
with 1.4.x, there's very little if any speed advantage with teh
new Nvidia 169.12 driver over nv, at least on my 3-year old FX
5200. The nv driver is the same speed as before.

Later it occurred to me that a green checkmark like the one for
the panel tray update status had appeared for a while in the
upper left corner of the black screen when it was salled there,
though the check mark also disappeared from the black screen
after a few minutes. I wonder whether that might have been
because of the new system update checking routines.

Just now, the system/PBI update icon on the panel took a very
long time to switch from the green broadcast wave icon to the
green check mark, so much so that I quit watching it continually
display its little red lettered message about waiting to to
check Scribus. Now it reports everything is updated. But that
took forever. If it's somehow running during the X setup, maybe
it could be separated out and done later.


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