[PC-BSD Testing] 1.5 update (mouse bug, etc)

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Mar 14 06:55:13 PDT 2008


Answers below!

Rod Clark wrote:
> Kris,
> Mouse bug: 
> After I installed the 1.5 update PBI today, my mouse
> involuntarily changed from left handed to right handed, and I
> can't set it back again. KDE Peripherals/Mouse still showed left
> hand settings, but it operated as a right hand mouse. I set it
> to right hand operation, and then back back to left hand again,
> with no effect. I can use the mouse equally well with either
> hand, but this appears to be a bug. The mouse is a commonplace
> Logitech M-SBF90 optical mouse. I was running before the
> upgrade.

The mouse problem appears to be common in KDE 3.5.8, and effected other 
linux distros as well:


Once 3.5.9 hits the ports, I'll see if we can get an update to that ASAP.

> PBI updates (icon updating, minor): 
> The Filezilla update PBI that I ran from the new Installer icon
> on the panel deleted my Filezilla desktop icon. When I picked
> Copy to Desktop from Filezilla on the K start menu, the icon
> reappeared in the same spot as the old Filezilla icon on the
> desktop.
> The Wine update PBI deleted my Wine Config desktop icon, but
> when I copied the icon to the desktop again, it bypassed its old
> location and went to a new spot, at the far left of a new row
> below all the other icons on the desktop.
> The Firefox update PBI replaced Firefox, but
> afterwards my Firefox panel icon (which it didn't delete) didn't
> work. It still pointed to the old PBI location. I
> manually updated the path in the Properties section of the panel
> icon.

The desktop icons are indeed removed by the PBI updater, and only 
"kmenu" icons are installed. This was done for multi-user support, 
otherwise if I defaulted to creating a ton of icons, every time you 
would upgrade, a new icon would show up on the desktop, and you'd have 
to delete it if you didn't want it :(

That being said, I'll look into a solution for this, to see if we can 
find a compromise, where it detects and preserves existing kicker / 
desktop icons, and updates them to point to the new locations.

In the meantime, One thing you can do, is simple create a new desktop 
icon for your application, and point it to /usr/local/bin/<progname>, 
such as /usr/local/bin/firefox. This icon would not be effected by the 
upgrade, and since most PBIs make a /usr/local/bin link, the icon 
wouldn't need to be tweaked each time an upgrade was performed.

> Time taken to update:
> 60 minutes, on an Athlon 2200+ system with 2 GB memory and a
> 200GB SATA drive.
> Port updates: 
> As far as I know, the ports in 1.5 are the same (FreeBSD 6.3) as
> I was using with My ports tree was up to date with
> portsnap. The update nevertheless erased my editor, my Web
> server (lighttpd, php, mysql and other things), gimpshop and a
> laundry list of installed ports that it will take many hours to
> reinstall.

> This is one of the two reasons (the other is limited hardware
> compatibility) that I have given up recommending PC-BSD to
> anyone who isn't a serious techie any more, even though I'm
> happy to use it myself. Many users will still need to install
> software from ports with the inevitable minor glitches and
> hassles that entails. After they've puzzled out how to install
> some ports, or gotten help from a techie family member to do
> that, along comes a friendly GUI update and this happens to
> them. I'm willing to put in the hours to clean up after this PBI
> update, but believe me, I won't wish PC-BSD on my family or
> friends who use Macs.
> -rsc
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To be fair, the update DID warn you about this, no less than twice :) 
Once on the download page, and one again before the actual update 
install. Power users who are customizing the base system, and installing 
/ updating ports should backup their additions, before installing any 
updates. Since we roll out binary updates, I can't include all 14k 
binary ports in a package, and try to figure out which ones a user has 
installed, so we "upgrade" it at the same time.

That being said, this patch upgraded a wide range of systems, from 1.3 
which was based on 6.1 and higher. And to be truly "feature" complete 
with 1.5, it needed to install just the default set of packages. I do 
have on my list to get a PBI version of the ports you mentioned, such as 
php, mysql, etc. Once users are running those, then they shouldn't be 
effected by an update such as this. Once we get to the point where we 
have 14k PBIs available then, hopefully, we'll users wont need to be 
adding / removing ports as frequently.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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