[PC-BSD Testing] Broken GTK engine (Qt) message

Rod Clark sc at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Mar 14 06:03:38 PDT 2008


Another small note on 1.5:

After installing Audacious (an audio player) from ports using
the defaults (well, except that I enabled FLAC), I see the
following message when it starts:

"Broken GTK engine in use
Audacious has detected that you are using a broken GTK engine. 
The theme engine you are using, Qt is incompatible with some of
the features used by modern skins. The incompatible features
have been disabled for this session. 
To use these features, please consider using a different GTK
theme engine. 
( ) Do not display this warning again

Overall, things are mostly going well with it. 


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