[PC-BSD Testing] 1.5 update (mouse bug, etc)

Rod Clark sc at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Mar 14 01:01:33 PDT 2008


Mouse bug: 
After I installed the 1.5 update PBI today, my mouse
involuntarily changed from left handed to right handed, and I
can't set it back again. KDE Peripherals/Mouse still showed left
hand settings, but it operated as a right hand mouse. I set it
to right hand operation, and then back back to left hand again,
with no effect. I can use the mouse equally well with either
hand, but this appears to be a bug. The mouse is a commonplace
Logitech M-SBF90 optical mouse. I was running before the

PBI updates (icon updating, minor): 
The Filezilla update PBI that I ran from the new Installer icon
on the panel deleted my Filezilla desktop icon. When I picked
Copy to Desktop from Filezilla on the K start menu, the icon
reappeared in the same spot as the old Filezilla icon on the

The Wine update PBI deleted my Wine Config desktop icon, but
when I copied the icon to the desktop again, it bypassed its old
location and went to a new spot, at the far left of a new row
below all the other icons on the desktop.

The Firefox update PBI replaced Firefox, but
afterwards my Firefox panel icon (which it didn't delete) didn't
work. It still pointed to the old PBI location. I
manually updated the path in the Properties section of the panel

Time taken to update:
60 minutes, on an Athlon 2200+ system with 2 GB memory and a
200GB SATA drive.

Port updates: 
As far as I know, the ports in 1.5 are the same (FreeBSD 6.3) as
I was using with My ports tree was up to date with
portsnap. The update nevertheless erased my editor, my Web
server (lighttpd, php, mysql and other things), gimpshop and a
laundry list of installed ports that it will take many hours to

This is one of the two reasons (the other is limited hardware
compatibility) that I have given up recommending PC-BSD to
anyone who isn't a serious techie any more, even though I'm
happy to use it myself. Many users will still need to install
software from ports with the inevitable minor glitches and
hassles that entails. After they've puzzled out how to install
some ports, or gotten help from a techie family member to do
that, along comes a friendly GUI update and this happens to
them. I'm willing to put in the hours to clean up after this PBI
update, but believe me, I won't wish PC-BSD on my family or
friends who use Macs.


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