[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 14, Issue 3

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Testing Digest, Vol 14, Issue 3
Question #2. Re: 1.5 - partitions (Kris Moore)

Gerard van Essen wrote:
> I wanted to install 1.5 on a "test partition" and came across the
> problem:
> My PC contains 2 HDs (2 identical 250Gb Maxtors) -
> -1 disk has a Windows XP Prof partition (10Gb) and a FAT32 data partition
> (240Gb)
> - the other disk contains a PC-BSD 1.4 partition (100Gb), a DesktopBSD
> 1.6partition (10Gb) and a test partition where I test PC-BSD
> snapshots.
> When I ran the 1.5 installer both disks were seen fine, but all partitions
> were shown as only 10Gb each - which is wrong.
> I didn't dare to go further and install. Anybody else came across this?

Kris Moore replied:

That's a potential problem. Can you try booting a 1.4 install CD to
confirm if it sees the sizes wrong also? That way I can figure out if
its a regression with 1.5 or not.

For the record, I'm not seeing that here on my system, I have a test box
with two drives, a 40GB and 30GB and it identifies them properly.


Dear Gerard & Kris:

My PCBSD 1.4.x.x installs have always faithfully recognized my 320 Gb hard
disks.The disks were Western Digital.  The computers were HP Vectra VL420's
with on-board controllers.

To test for defects in PCBSD 1.5, I put in the install disk in and booted.
With PCBSD 1.5, both dmesg and the installer correctly recognized the full
size of the drives.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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