[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 14, Issue 2

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Mar 3 13:13:34 PST 2008

Ian Robinson wrote:

>>> (2) After being prompted to Finish & Reboot, the computer did not reboot.
>>> The screen changed to black and appeared to be frozen. After power down,
>>> PCBSD started up normally and went into the X configuration routine.
> Same as before.  Tried to go to console, but could not do that either.
>  Power down and reboot required.  I think this is likely limited to
> laptop computers.

Yea, this can happen on laptops with BSD, sometimes it doesn't shutdown 
/ reboot properly :(

>>> (3) Although the X-configuration selected the correct driver (intel) and
>>> gave a nice list of available resolutions, the 1280x1024 I selected and
>>> confirmed was not what came up.
> Tried the same thing but this time the screen went black after I
> clicked that I wanted to keep the selection.  I had to power down and
> reboot, and I left it on the standard 1024x768.

It's possible that the Intel card doesn't like the driver, or it isn't 
detecting your horz / vert refresh rates properly. Try going to 
"advanced" and enabling the specify horz / vert refresh rates, sometimes 
that fixes it.

>>> Cons:
>>> (1) Did not auto-configure wireless card.
>>> (2) Network Configuration Wizard would not activate the "Configuration"
>>> Button to let me select or go into the configuration window. I was in
>>> the administrator mode as shown by the red line border.
> Same as before for wireless.  The "Configure Button" lights up when
> the network card is selected.  You can configure for the Ethernet NIC
> (ie., the non-wireless) but you cannot configure for the wireless.
> I tested again after using terminal and ifconfig, but the Configure
> button was still not working for wireless.

The configure button only shows up when you have selected a detected 
NIC, wireless or wired. Is your wireless device showing up with 
"ifconfig -l" and what device is it?

>>> Cons:
>>> (1) K3B complained that its system probe failed to find the cdrtools
>>> package. Perhaps if ports were installed, this error would not have
>>> occurred.
> Same problem as before.  Ports are installed so that is not the difference.

Looks like when the ISO built, it failed to load cdrtools. I'm going 
ahead and fixing this now.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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