[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 14, Issue 1

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Mar 3 09:13:19 PST 2008

Ian Robinson wrote:
> Yesterday I installed PCBSD 1.5 on an Acer Travelmate laptop and reported
> some installation problems.  Today, the install went much better on a more
> standard desktop computer:
> HP Vectra VL400 P3 @ 800 MHz, 512 Gb Ram, Matrox G200 Video, xl0: 3Com
> 3c905C-TX NIC,
> As a result of the outcome here, I am going to reinstall on the laptop to
> see if the same problems occur or if install does better.
> Here are some comments:
> SOUND:  Problem report:
> pcm0: <Intel ICH (82801AA)> port 0x1200-0x12ff,0x1300-0x133f irq 9 at device
> 31.5 on pci0
> pcm0: <Cirrus Logic CS4299 AC97 Codec>
> ink_elf_lookup_symbol: missing symbol hash table
> last message repeated 8 times

This is something I've seen as well, I'm going to look into it, and 
hopefully fix it here before 1.5 is released. I think its one of the 
snd_drivers in 6.3 is broken or not compiled properly :(

> UPDATE MANAGER:  Problem report.
> Update manager advised of PBI update to take Firefox to version
> Effective use of shape and colors on the taskbar system status. Nice, easy
> to use window display.  Nice progress monitoring.
> Firefox PBI problem.  Update Manager reported that FF had downloaded ok.
> Firefox PBI did not appear to update as Firefox still reported itself as
> and the Update Manager icon remained in its blue triangle shape and
> keeps reporting that there is a PBI update to take Firefox to  I
> did a search of the hard disk to see if any PBI had downloaded.  I found
> nothing.  I looked on pbidir.com to see if there was a Firefox, but
> there was not.  The PBI build server reported the last build of FF was on
> 2/28/08, version
> Messages output contained this line:
> TTY=unknown ; PWD=/usr/home/IR ; USER=root ;
> COMMAND=/PCBSD/SystemUpdater/bin/SystemUpdater
> Question -- Do you have to be root to update programs?  Nothing prompted for
> root password, but maybe the update never got that far as the PBI never ran.

I should have mentioned, that this pbi update is just a test only. There 
is no version yet, I'm just having it download as a 
test, to confirm the updates are working. If it downloads, and you can 
still run firefox after the update is finished, then it worked :)

Also, the systemupdater is running as root, so you don't need to enter 
your password for it to work.

> MANAGE PRINTING -- Problem report:  Did nothing whatsoever.

I've removed that link. It was a defunct icon for cups, use the Settings 
-> Peripherals -> Printing link instead :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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