[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 1.5rc1 -- Comments

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 15:14:41 PST 2008

Installed on Acer Travelmate 4001 (P4-M w/ 1.5GHz, 2Gb Ram, Intel on-board
video- 82855 )


Pros:  (1) I liked what appears to be an even faster installer.   (2)
Computer booted faster.

(1) The Installer had a problem with Disk 2.  Although I selected several
packages, source code, and ports to install, I was never prompted to Insert
Disk #2.
(2) After being prompted to Finish & Reboot, the computer did not reboot.
The screen changed to black and appeared to be frozen.  After power down,
PCBSD started up normally and went into the X configuration routine.
(3)  Although the X-configuration selected the correct driver (intel) and
gave a nice list of available resolutions, the 1280x1024 I selected and
confirmed was not what came up.  The display turned  out to be the common


(1) Correctly detected the built-in Intel Wireless card and appropriate
driver (iwi)
(2) The Network Configuration Wizard opened to a default size large enough
to see the Administrator button.

(1)  Did not auto-configure  wireless card.
(2)  Network Configuration Wizard would not activate the "Configuration"
Button to let me select or go into the  configuration window.  I was in the
administrator mode as shown by the red line border.
(3)  When I used a terminal & the ifconfig command to configure the iwi, the
Network Configuration Wizard then crashed and the KDE Crash Handler
appeared.  The good news is that the crash did not damage the ifconfig
results, and the iwi driver is working great.


(1) Boots faster.  Runs faster.  (Totally subjective of course.)
(2) Liked the green arrow icon showing my system was up-to-date
(3) System Fonts look very nice.

(1) Could not Fetch System Source (CSup) but was able to run "find fastest
server" widget without problem.
(2) Could not Fetch Ports -- terminated after 22% saying that the server was
down or I had a connection problem.


(1)  Programs appear to be loading faster.  System seems faster than 1.4.x.x
(2)  See comment on unable to get prompt for Disk #2 in the "Installation"
section above.

(1) K3B complained that its system probe failed to find the cdrtools
package.  Perhaps if ports were installed, this error would not have
(2) KFontView crashed.
(3) Manage Cups Printing did not come up.


Have not tried any PBI's

Thanks for the new release.  I was impressed that you put FreeBSD 6.3 on the release without any fanfare.  Producing the 1.5 release so soon on
the heels of 1.4 is very impressive.
Do you guys get time to sleep?

Best regards,

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
FitchKendall [at] Gmail [dot] com
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