[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 07252008

Terry Poulin BigBoss64 at ippimail.com
Mon Jul 28 10:40:59 PDT 2008

Needing to setup a PC-BSD test machine, I downloaded
ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-isos/i386/PCBSD7-x86-07252008-CD1.iso last
night and burned it to disk this morning with cdrecord.

During the kernels probings I get several READ_BIG errors on acd0,
don't recall having that issue when running FreeBSD 7.0-Release and
the stable branch when running with the GENERIC kernel on the same
machine. Integery check passes and the installer launches fine

When the installer starts to copy files it is just a stream of error
messages about failures to create directories and full media. The
primary partition allocated for installation is a 20480MB (20GB)

I believe this is because NO hard disk partition on ad0 is actually
mounted, as reported by 'mount' there are only a few memory disks and
the install CD mounted. This is a machine that has seen many
installations of PC-BSD 1.x and FreeBSD 6.x/7.x among other things.

I was sorry to see that the installers interface has become a bit
'cluttered'. It was also a tad annoying that you posted the MD5
checksums on the mailing list but did not upload them along with the
ISO images!


On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 8:43 AM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.com> wrote:
> Another week, another Alpha to try out!
> Here's some of the highlights for this weeks version:
> NEW:
> ZFS File System Support!!
>   - Hit option "8" during bootup to enable ZFS, and then select it as
> your file system during the GUI install.
>   Warning, you will need at least 1GB of ram for ZFS, and it is still
> considered experimental. Worked fine on my system though :)
> USB Install Image!!
>   - I have put together our first official USB installer for PC-BSD 7,
> with help from yerenkow, thanks BTW!
>   You can simply use "dd" to write this image to your USB media: "dd
> if=<file> of=/dev/da0 bs=1m" or something like that. It should show up
> as a USB bootable hard drive, depending on your
> BIOS. Refer to your motherboard docs for more information.
> Fixes:
>   * Fixes for loading the cups interface
>   * Fixes to loading the "hplip" toolbox.
>   * Restored PC-BSD original artwork.
>   * Added OpenOffice, FireFox, Opera, and Wine, latest versions.
>   * Fixed PBI installer, so that you can put kmenu icons on your
> "favorites" list now, and the icon shows up properly
>   * Added quite a few new sound card definitions,  if your card isn't
> recognized with this new one, let me know.
>   * Added if_age to kernel for nic support
>   * Shrunk the default taskbar size
>   * PBI Thumbnailer now works in Dolphin / Konq
>   * Fixed some bugs overwriting gjournal partitions
> As usual, you may download these alpha ISOs from our FTP server:
> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-isos/i386/
> MD5 (PCBSD7-x86-07252008-CD1.iso) = 2f4666e464cc8c541ee056a5d08eea75
> MD5 (PCBSD7-x86-07252008-CD2.iso) = 5d9f48972e5fab0b8db62270515cef69
> MD5 (PCBSD7-x86-07252008-CD3.iso) = ee663206649dae2f61ac7d57d7b765e7
> MD5 (PCBSD7-x86-07252008-DVD.iso) = 9ee1f96445a5f4d44a9b17f6b0d9986f
> MD5 (PCBSD7-x86-07252008-USB.img) = 4c57ebeb185641fbccf1bb4728c7d680
> KDE 4.1 is scheduled to be released next Tuesday the 29th, and from what
> I hear most of the annoying KDE glitches have been fixed, including the
> xine backend. (This may make the digital playback of audio cds work
> now). I'll try to have that in next weeks alpha if possible.
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