[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 07252008

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Mon Jul 28 08:29:01 PDT 2008

Kris Moore wrote:
> Bill Leeper wrote:
>> Kris, the igain in the mixer seems to have defaulted to Mute again. I  
>> had no startup sound so I opened the mixer and sure enough mute was  
>> checked. i unchecked it, logged out and back in and I now have the  
>> startup sound.
>> A couple of quick notes as well. I installed using ZFS and so far so  
>> good. Also, Dolphin opens my ext3 formatted drive just fine now.
>> I have a request, Kris. Could the team introduce a bug in the  
>> installer? It is getting quite boring having to sit there during the  
>> install waiting to write up a bug that never happens.   :-)   Anyway,  
>> more later today.
> Glad to hear that ZFS was working, took me the better part of a week to 
> finish implementing it!
> As for the mixer, is it only on the first boot that it is muted? On mine 
> here, it seems to work fine after I reboot once, not sure if it its a 
> bug in kmix or not.
> As for the installer, I'm getting ready to add the FTP / Internet 
> install option here soon, so I'm sure you'll get to find some new bugs 
> to report there :)
I did a reinstall last night and everything in the mixer seems to be 
working now. Funny thing is the igain is muted and sound is working just 
fine. Anyway, I will do a bit more testing this week. I have noticed a 
bit of flakiness in Konquerer, though.

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