[PC-BSD Testing] 7.0 Alpha 5 problem list

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 18:58:48 PDT 2008

These comments relate to PCBSD 7.0 Alpha 5 (07-25-2008) on a laptop
using a Centrino-based P4-1.5Ghz with on-board Intel Video, sound, and
wireless wi-fi.

The good news is that the PBI programs (Firefox, Opera, OpenOffice),
the optional tools, games, and educational software, and the Ports and
Source code installed well.  Firefox, Opera, and OpenOffice functioned
very well too.  I loaded most of the optional tools which occurred
without problem.  I loaded and used all of the educational programs
without problem.

I had the following problems:

1. Installer.

The installer did its job well and the only glitch was with the video
card testing wanting to loop endlessly back to the configuration phase
after confirming that I wanted to keep the settings.  Looping occurred
with the "intel" driver only.  Looping did not occur with the
"intel-3D-enabled" driver.

2. KDE Dolphin has problems

(a) Dolphin will not unmount or eject a CD.  The very act of using
Dolphin to attempt to eject the CD keeps the CD "in use" so it cannot
eject.  There is no other gui method.  The workaround is to use the
terminal and #umount /media/cd0 (which after each subsequent cd
insertion requires cd0 to be incremented to cd0-1, cd0-2, etc.), but
it is unlikely that newcomers and the CLI-challenged will know that.
(I remember when I first came to BSD and wondered why doesn't the
CD-eject button on the drive eject the CD.)

(b) A slight regression from Alpha 4 as Dolphin seems to be the cause
of system instability.  (i) Previous History -- For the 7.0 Alpha 3
version, I had reported a system instablity causing freezing and
sometimes spontaneous rebooting after 20 to 30 minutes of use.  The
instability seemed to be fixed in 7.0 alpha four which ran for days
without a hitch.  Reflecting back on the previous experiences, I was
using Dolphin each time.  The spontaneous reboot always occurred when
trying to read a directory which had a lot of files (i.e. 1,000 files)
in it.  Freezes were likewise connected with some use of Dolphin.
(ii.) Current problem -- Dolphin still seems implicated because it is
used for so many things.  This time, my laptop froze after 1 hour of
use and resulted in an alternating flashing black to flashing white
screen on which was displayed only #ttyy8.  Keystrokes could
accomplish nothing when I tried to type, get to a console
(Ctrl-Alt-F1, F2, F3, etc.), or Ctrl-Alt-Delete.  A power off
accomplished a normal shutdown.

3.  K3b would not start.

4.  Fetch Source works, but the "find fastest" function does not
populate the country list when you  uncheck the "all" box.  However,
you can use the "all" function and end up with an appropriate target.

5.  Fetch Ports did not work.  It just hung for ten minutes with zero
progress.  I terminated the gui and went to the terminal and fetched
the update without any problem.  Thus it was a gui problem and not the
case of the ports server being unavailable.

6.  The Network Configuration does not see my wireless router or
retain settings, even after configuring all settings from the command
line.  The wireless card uses iwi.  As a result, I must use ifconfig
after each start to initiate the iwi interface.  It functions great
once the configuration is set, so it is not a problem with the radio
being on or off.  The radio is on.

7.  The multimedia program will not play a DVD.

8.  Multimedia will "play" a music CD but produces no sound (Intel
Centrino chip set with built-in Intel sound chip). I checked the mixer
and the minimum setting on all volume sliders were at least half way
and were not set to mute.  The laptop does play an audible "welcome"
sound on startup and the "goodbye" sound on shutdown.

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