[PC-BSD Testing] Sound Cards

Airy airy at netspace.net.au
Fri Jul 25 17:49:54 PDT 2008

brian wrote:
>  It may just be my system ( I have a 550 watt PSU , three HDs and a 
> nvidia 7300 crammed into one box ) , but lately I have to run my box 
> with the side  off to prevent it from locking up . I think it's the GPU 
> overheating , but have no way to tell for sure . It's something I 
> haven't noticed before .
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Possibly the CPU cooler or heating problems (case fan??) - try a Smart 
monitoring program to check if the harddrives have been overheating 
inside the case (a good indicator) -sometimes the case manufacturers 
leave air flow last on their list (after aesthetics).
I have also found the PSU to be the major cause of most failures in PC's 
(I am an Electronics Tech) and electronics in general. There is a great 
forum Badcaps.net which show how in the past motherboard manufacturers 
botched up badly and google psu bad caps to see what I mean about power 
supplies.Most PSU manufacturers publish 550W but under test give 350W... 
I use a Seasonic S12 II+ because it uses Japanese caps and as a company 
they have been around for 25 years. There are numerous articles on this
eg http://hardforum.com/printthread.php?t=756864, I have found computers 
can actually speed up and be more responsive with a decent PSU.

Hope this helps although I know it is off topic.

Kris - are you looking at setting up the automatic update feature of 
PC-BSD after KDE 4.1 is released - other than minor updates which is 
already happening ; (my bandwidth is limited because of cost in this 
part of the world (Australia)), so we don't have to download 1.5Gb 
regularly (apart from major updates of course).???


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