[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Fri Jul 25 12:13:55 PDT 2008

I am sending this via Thunderbird. It compiled fine after manually 
adding gmake. My problem with the monitor not going into standby seems 
to have reappeared with this Alpha. I will do some more playing with the 
settings and see if I can figure out why. The screen saver activates but 
the monitor never goes into standby.

ZFS seems to working just fine on this system. And I can see quite a few 
little improvements over all. I do like that the Mange Printing menu 
entry takes me to the localhost:631 page for setting up printers. This 
will have to be changed for the new converts who have never done it this 
way though.

Right now my biggest complaint is what I mentioned about having to sit 
here during the install in complete and utter boredom.   :-)


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