[PC-BSD Testing] Sound working

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Jul 24 07:40:00 PDT 2008

John Stokes wrote:
> Kris
> The latest sound.xml module from the Developers Timeline  "2410" works a 
> treat on my Asus P5VE-VM HDMI with its internal
> Intel sound. Thanks.


> Dolphin seems to be the biggest issue I'm finding with the desktop at 
> the moment but looking at the Buglist most of the issues will be
> resolved by release time.I find that opening a window on "devices 
> recently plugged in" only incorrectly loads the first time - subsequent
> accesses appear to show the device that is selected.

This should hopefully be fixed in 4.1-release of KDE, It annoys me as 
well :)

> I'm glad that a decent (working) termination feature is included (click 
> close on a errant program and it does).The termination close box
> needs a bit of adjusting though , it squashes the text in the box 
> (Details & Close icons sit on top of the other text).

Is there a bug reported for this to KDE yet?

> Also found that when you choose Firefox as a favorite no firefox icon 
> appears - just a cog??

I've fixed this here, it was a problem with the PBI format, I had to 
change how we setup our icons, and now it works properly with KDE4. The 
next alpha will have FireFox, OpenOffice and Wine with the new format, 
so you'll be able ot use the favorites menu.

> Glad you also adjusted the taskbar size - I was going to ask whether it 
> could be reduced ( not so bad on a large screen but is overpowering
> on a 15").I do hope they make it adjustable again...

I've shrunk it down to 40 pixels now, which *should* leave more screen 
space. Let me know this next week if you think it looks small enough.

> Looking forward to the KDE 4.1 release when it comes to BSD.
> John
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