[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 07182008

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Mon Jul 21 19:33:11 PDT 2008

Go ahead and reboot it, does it grab the new sound defines and work now?
-With OSS left off in system services , I have a rudimentary mixer , but 
no sound .

Are these drivers located in some port which I'm missing? If so, let me
know and I'll be happy to include it :)

- the drivers are in the hpijs port . I get an error 1 when trying to 
compile . I'm assuming they are trying to replace something the hplip 
port has in place .

Interesting, which video driver are you using? It almost looks like a
driver problem, like corrupt textures in memory or something.

-I'm using the latest nvidia driver with a 7300gt card .

I don't think FireFox is smart enough to run a PBI as an executable, and
may be designed to not do that actually :)
-I install .debs with gdebi regularly with a single click from download 
status bar in Firefox . Maybe it's a limitation with the FreeBSD version 
. It's not a big deal , but I find it useful .

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