[PC-BSD Testing] PBI installs

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Mon Jul 21 14:17:17 PDT 2008

Gimp seems to install and run just fine. I haven't used it extensively 
yet, but everything I have tried works.

KTorrent installs right up to the point where the dialog box says 
Registering file associations and then hangs. All I can do is close the 
installing window which then cancels the installation.

I have run into a problem when installing any of the PBIs from the test 
page. I go to the test PBI page and select a file. Click on the PBI. 
Select open with PBI launcher and when the transfer starts check the 
"Keep this window open after transfer is complete" box. Now try to close 
the transfer dialog box. Clicking the close button does nothing and 
after a few seconds the attached dialog box pops up. If I don't check 
the box the file transfer window will close automatically. Is this a KDE 

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