[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 07182008

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jul 21 08:16:05 PDT 2008

brian wrote:
> My results for alpha3 ;
> - no sound with or without OSS enabled - diagnostic attached . I'm 
> running a very common Sound Blaster Audigy4 .

Go ahead and reboot it, does it grab the new sound defines and work now?

> - still no drivers for my HP f2110 . Pardus , Kurumin , and Ubuntu 
> install and configure this printer without any input on my part 
> whatsoever .

Are these drivers located in some port which I'm missing? If so, let me 
know and I'll be happy to include it :)

> -The same god awful dialog when clicking on a mail link , even after 
> installing the Thunderbird PBI and making it default . At least give the 
> user the option to type in a program name .

I'll try this out here and see whats going on :)

> - Colors degrade in all widgets after a period of time.I tried to take a 
> screenshot , but hitting "print screen " does nothing - screen capture 
> program needs to be started manually , and the name of the file , plus 
> the extension have to be typed in manually , file attached .

Interesting, which video driver are you using? It almost looks like a 
driver problem, like corrupt textures in memory or something.

> -The upgrade option fails to detect my previous alpha, no biggie.

Thanks! I'll check into this also!

> - PBIs cannot be run directly from Firefox , I had to open them in the 
> desktop widget thingy .

I don't think FireFox is smart enough to run a PBI as an executable, and 
may be designed to not do that actually :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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