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jstokes airy at netspace.net.au
Mon Jul 21 04:13:21 PDT 2008


Results thus far with latest Alpha

My P5VE-VM HDMI board now boots with the latest release , sound config 
attached as it is unrecognised.

USB works but when you click to open it  with Dolphin (from the dialog 
box on the iconbar)  it only opens in the top directory
- not on the USB stick .
Unfortunately when you try to dismount it it gives and error - 
unplugging it totally crashed the machine :'(
Terminal works - well done Kris.
Dolphin couldn't drag & drop files - now functional.
Now reboots - would hang at the command line.
Logging off and on now works (it wouldn't accept the login password)
I can only get it to boot when I put the SATA disks I have in the 
machine on AHCI .Leaving it set to IDE compatible just didn't work.
First install worked fine but subsequent ones crashed.
When logging out/powering off the top part of the screen has a bar 
across it (corruption) - I have been
unable to get the Intel driver enabled at all - VESA kind of works 
though.I can't seem to be able to get 1920x1200
going at all - largest is 1600x1200 - same problem with PCBSD 1.51 release.
Thunderbird works - great . Sending from the Alpha right now.

K3B doesn't  :-(    comes up with a :

Output logged from stderr

ERROR: KUniqueApplication: Pipe closed unexpectedly.

I find I have to set the Mouse pointer acceleration in KDE up to 3.4 to 
make the mouse more responsive - set at 2 is like molasses...

Any chance of including the Atheros L1 driver (AGE7) in the build , from 
what I here it is now stable and has been put in the FreeBSD
database , available at 


My old machine with an Athlon 2800 for the most part works fine (I'm even able to have the full 1920x1200 resolution) but also
crashes with K3B - tried to load the PBI with the same result.

I am amazed how quick the community is ironing out all the bugs though will probably still wait to 4.2 to use as a desktop machine.
I am starting to have fun now that the show stopper bugs are being ironed out.


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