[PC-BSD Testing] 7 Alpha 4 fixes laptop wifi problems with iwi

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 14:54:13 PDT 2008

Dear Kris,

1. iwi Wifi fixed.  The new Alpha 4 release fixes the wifi problem I
had with the iwi driver.  I wrote over the Alpha 3 release as soon as
I had a freshly minted dvd to install, so I cannot test with the
commands you gave me.

Looking into the /boot/firmware directory shows there are no iwi
files.  Obviously my comment about that was proven wrong.

I am guessing that the radio was not "on" as I never saw the blinking
amber light on the laptop's front panel.  As you know, the inner
workings of the "on" switch for the Intel PRO/2200 are so secret that
not even God knows, and the usual workaround was to boot into and out
of Whine_doze to make sure radio was on.   Alas, that did me no good.
I am pleased to tell you that my wifi is perfect now, and scan detects
all the wireless radios in the neighborhood.

2. Screen Freeze fixed. My other problem about a screen freeze has
also disappeared.  I've been running for almost two hours in and out
of many programs without so much as a hiccup.  Viewing the Desktop
Quick Guide almost always had sent me to the black blinking screen of
death.  No longer.

3.  Bill mentioned he had experienced problems with his monitor going
in and out of standby.  I'm running the Alpha versions on three
different systems (PIII desktop w/ Matrox G450 video card, Dual P3
ML-370 server w/ ATI Rage Video and SCSI Raid array, and this laptop
w/ Intel 855 Video), and all of the monitors go into and recover from
standby just fine with my equipment combinations.

4.  I still have a "Lost & Found" menu item under the Applications Tab
containing Akonadi Console and KJotsPart.

5.  It's great to have Konsole working.

6.  More speed, more power, more Wow!  The combination of FreeBSD 7
and KDE 4.1 RC1 really gives this computer some heretofore unexpected
power.  Big directories read faster, Gmail loads faster, images
resolve faster.  My pulse is up.  I'll probably have to be sedated
soon with whatever doctors and psychiatrists give people to bring them
back down to normal.

7.  This morning I saw and downloaded a PCBSD 7.0 Alpha 4  .img file
for USB installation.  There was no readme or directions.  There were
several examples existing on the WWW that said to use dd to copy the
.img file to the USB stick.  Is that the plan intended for the .img?
However, this afternoon, the ftp site did not have the USB img
anymore.  Was there a problem?

Thanks again Kris, Tim, and The Team.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio

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