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Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Sat Jul 19 10:07:32 PDT 2008

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You ARE good.   :-)

The reboot worked like a charm. Thanks for the quick turn-around on  
this one. The mixer now works as it should.

But, I am going to have to be a bit slower on posting. I got my posts  
in before you had a chance to mention the terminal.   :-)

On Jul 19, 2008, at 9:25 AM, Kris Moore wrote:

> Bill Leeper wrote:
>> Kris, I must have missed something in the info I sent you because  
>> sound does
>> not work in the latest alpha. When booting I got an unidentified  
>> sound card
>> message. It did continue gracefully, however. When I got to the  
>> desktop I got
>> a PC-BSD was unable to detect a sound card message box. Attached is  
>> the file
>> it generated. Maybe this will let you fix the problem,
>> The installation was flawless and fast. Kudos to the team for a  
>> great job. I
>> will be testing more later today. Right now it is time for a cup of  
>> coffee and
>> the Tour de France.   :-)
>> Bill
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> Thanks for sending that file! I think it was a mistake on my end, I've
> commited a fix now. Actually if you reboot and let the sound detection
> run again, it'll download the updated xml file from the web
> automatically and should start working. Can you reboot to confirm  
> that,
> or reinstall?
> If you already manually put in snd_cmi_load="YES" in loader.conf,  
> remove
> that first :)
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