[PC-BSD Testing] 7-Alpha-3 on Laptop -- Mixed Results

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Jul 18 08:16:45 PDT 2008

Ian Robinson wrote:
> I'm testing the installation of PCBSD 7 Alpha Version 3 on an Acer
> Laptop with a standard P4 1.5 GHz "Centrino" with built-in Intel
> video, sound, and wi-fi that is common hardware in laptops.  The
> previous operating system on this laptop was PCBSD 7.0 Alpha 1 which
> had run very well and had never frozen.
> 1.  The installation was fast and appeared flawless.  I used the DVD
> iso for this installation, and from power on to post-installation boot
> took only 18 minutes.  That's a fantastic installation speed because
> my installation also included ports, source, and all PBI's except
> KOffice.  The installer screen fit the 15" display exactly.  The
> installer correctly identified the Intel video driver & max screen
> resolution (1024 x 768).  Fonts were clear and easy to read.  Sound
> worked, but I haven't tested a video DVD yet.
> 2. KDE 4.1 Beta loads the desktop quickly.  KDE brings up the
> available programs quickly except for file finder.
> 3. The installer correctly detected Intel wi-fi (PRO/2200BG) and
> applied the iwi driver.  But it did not set it up.  Using ifconfig to
> deliver the arguments manually set all the parameters except that the
> status remained at "no carrier."  I am guessing that the problem is
> that the Intel firmware is not installed yet, but I don't know because
> I overwrote the previous 7.0 Alpha 1 installation where the iwi
> interface was working.  I'll hook up the laptop using an ethernet
> cable and try to install iwi from ports.

The iwi driver should be included by default, along with the firmware. 
If you go into "system-settings" then Network Configuration, can you see 
a wireless device and scan for your SSID? This was working previously.

Tim, does the alpha work properly with the iwi device on your laptop still?

> 4.  The most unusual problem is that the laptop will freeze at random
> times -- usually after thirty to forty minutes of use.  The screen
> goes black with a 1/4" x 1/4" white square in the upper left corner.
> Sometimes the laptop will reboot on its own at that point.  If the
> laptop does not reboot on its own, keyboard input is useless and the
> laptop just hangs there.  I cannot jump to console or anything else.
> A power-off is required.  I wonder if this is related to KDE 4.1 since
> I did not have that problem under 7.0 Alpha Version 1.

Possibly, I'll be uploading a new alpha with KDE 4.1RC1 today, if you 
can re-test for this issue hopefully it'll be solved :)

> 5.  Congratulations to Kris on his role in the development of KDE 4.1.

Thanks! It's not just me though, a LOT of other folks have been helping 
get 4.1 ready for production on FreeBSD.

Just for the record, you and others may wish to post feedback on KDE 4.1 
to here as well:


This is where most of the main porting work is being done, and bugs such 
as the Konsole issue are being fixed :)

> 6.  KDE 4.1 does seem fast, and has lots of widgets to customize it.
> 7.  I disagree with comments that KDE 4.1 is "not intuitive."   I like
> the tabs at the bottom for favorites, programs, computer, etc.  I also
> like that KDE auto-detects the other partitions on the disk. However,
> I would like to see user options to let the panels expand
> automatically when the cursor is over the menu branch like KDE 3.x.  I
> would also like an option to let the panel auto-scroll  up and down
> when the mouse reaches the top or bottom if there are more menu
> branches than the panel is displaying.  I'm referring to the way that
> bookmarks scroll in Firefox.  Additionally, I am hoping that Kris will
> use the well-developed main branches of the menu system that he has
> previously refined in PCBSD 1.4.x and 1.5.x when PCBSD 7.0 goes into
> production.
> I'm having a lot of fun using PCBSD 7 and KDE 4.1.  PCBSD 7.0 is going
> to be really great.
> Ian Robinson
> Salem, Ohio

Glad you like it! With the plasmoid / widget system in KDE4, I think 
we'll find TONS of ways to customize a desktop to a persons liking now. 
I'm enjoying it here as well, KDE3.x already feels so unintuitive :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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