[PC-BSD Testing] Weekly PCBSD Alpha for 07112008

krzysiek nr10232 at op.pl
Tue Jul 15 12:40:27 PDT 2008

hi all.

I have found some errors:
     1. during installation from 'PCBSD7-x86-07112008-DVD.iso', 
installer can't finish copying Polish language package.
     2. if i use as username ' :-) ' i can't login after installation - 
and probably i know why (i don't understand why i can use ' : ' in 
username - installer should forbid this)
    3. polish fonts in installer - some of them are bold and that don't 
look good.
and suggestion:
    4. if i can choose geom_jurnal, why not add geom_bde option?


ps: sorry for my english, but i hope you will understand what i wrote.

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