[PC-BSD Testing] Audio

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jul 14 09:46:55 PDT 2008

Bill Leeper wrote:
> I am not sure I am doing this right. When I boot I choose option 8 and  
> get to the boot loader. At that point I only have load and not kdload.  
> With load neither sound option seems to let me boot. Also, I know I  
> used to boot to a console on the older versions of PC-BSD but this  
> version does not seem to let me get to a console where I can edit the  
> file with vi. I will try again later this morning.

Do this:

Choose option 4, single user mode and boot into that.

Then run these commands:

# mount -o rw /
# vi /etc/rc.conf

(Look for this line)

and change it to NO

# exit

This will now boot up normally.

Next, we need to figure out what driver you should be using with this 
card. What make / model is it?

After it boots up, try this:

# kldload snd_hda
# dmesg

Do you see some sound-driver identify information now?

If you can identify which driver you should be using, send me this output:

# pciconf -l | grep pcm

I'll then add your card to the .xml file which identifies models / 
drivers :)

BTW, I've already commited fixes for this, so you shouldn't see any more 
lockups as of the next ISO. Now if we cannot determine your card model, 
it will fail graciously without trying to load snd_driver and lock the 
system up.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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