[PC-BSD Testing] Audio

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jul 14 08:07:32 PDT 2008

Bill Leeper wrote:
> I  have already tried safe mode and it still locks up at the same  
> point. I just tried it it again to verify that and it stops at exactly  
> the same point. I have a couple of things to try this morning and will  
> report back if I find anything.


I know whats causing this here, and am fixing it as we speak :)

Its an issue with loading snd_driver, and it locking the system. If you 
edit /etc/rc.conf and disable snd_detect, that'll let you get around 
this error for now.

What I need from you, is to figure out which real snd_* driver is used 
for your card, probably snd_hda or snd_ich. If you kldload one of those, 
and it works, then send me the output of "pciconf -l | grep pcm" and 
I'll get it put into the xml file.

There is a bug in freebsd where when you load snd_driver, it causes a 
hard-lock on some systems, it happens on one of mine here as well. I'm 
fixing the snd_detect program to not load snd_driver anymore.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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