[PC-BSD Testing] Audio

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Mon Jul 14 06:55:49 PDT 2008

 You're right with the audio Bill . It's strange that I got perfect 
audio with Firefox and it just craps out with Totem . I would have 
noticed earlier , but was busy compiling Gnome and BMPx . I'd like to 
try Songbird , but I don't see a port for it .
 The sio1 error can be avoided by booting in safe mode . Buggy sound 
seems to be a recurring theme with the BSDs , and not just alpha and 
beta releases either . It's very odd when your OS is blazing fast and 
you can compile the very latest and greatest audio software , but no 
freakin' sound on the most common sound cards on the market - or 
GLXgears is flying , but your games all crash with GL errors :( Each 
release is so bloody close , but for that one show stopper .

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