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Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Sun Jul 13 07:58:50 PDT 2008

I tried that and I get the same results as in the bug link you posted.  
I have a feeling I need the audio cable hooked up, but when I disable  
audio in the CMOS and put the sound card in I get an SIO error and the  
Alpha won't boot past it. I will do some more playing later this week  
to see if I can boot Ubuntu with the card installed. If that works I  
will probably try re-installing the alpa with the card in and see if  
that works. It has to be something they did in the KDE4 stuff because  
audio worked fine with KDE3.5 in place.

On Jul 13, 2008, at 6:54 AM, Kris Moore wrote:

> Bill Leeper wrote:
>> OK, I picked up a cheap sound card, but can't get it working. I have
>> been unable to find a way to disable the onboard sound chip. And to
>> make matters worse  there is a blank spot where the CD audio cable
>> should plug into the MB. But I did find out that I can play MP3 files
>> in Audacity so it is beginning to look like it might be not having a
>> cable. Juk does not work right. If I try to play a file it does not
>> even start the playback and CD Player works for everything except for
>> no audio. What is so frustrating is that it worked just fine  
>> previously.
> Bill,
> Open KSCD, go to Extra -> Configure KsCD. Under CD-ROM Device, you  
> need
> to check "use direct digital playback". That was enabled by default in
> the old kaffeine / KDE3 stuff, which made it work without the small
> audio cable. I'm not sure if it works in KDE4 though, haven't played
> with it personally :)
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