[PC-BSD Testing] Weekly PCBSD Alpha for 07112008

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Sun Jul 13 05:45:49 PDT 2008

the rundown

 - excellent installer and video setup

- the new konqueror is downright spiffy , to bad it lacks extensibility .

- first time ever on a FreeBSD system with working sound right after an 

-Youtube works and sounds perfect

- fluxbox crashes immediately

- switching to classic menu rendered programs unclickable and froze the 
system . Menu disappeared after reboot , and would only add to the right 
end of the panel - system still froze up . I have noticed the same 
behavior in Mandriva 2009 alpha 2 . I do like the look of the new 
classic menu , it is just unusable .

- konsole is still unusable by itself or in Dolphin

- Dolphin could use a more complete toolbar

- no home icon , no obvious way to make one - or a link to a program . I 
got a "

Could not save properties. You do not have sufficient access to write to 
/Link to Application.desktop." when I tried making  one in that annoying 
little folder view widget .

- no obvious way to add programs to the panel . I'm not sure what the 
KDE folks were thinking , but maybe users would like to simply and 
easily find their most used applications ?

- panel settings really doesn't do much at all - no color size or 
transparency changes.As I type the  items in the task manager are 
randomly appearing and disappearing .

- clicking on manage printing or hp device manager didn't do anything . 
The old localhost method worked to a point , but didn't have an entry 
for my HP F2110 - or anything even close

- the 8th and by far the best KDE4 desktop I have tried to date . That 
being said it is little more than a curiosity for me to play with and 
very , very much inferior to Gnome or even LXDE .

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