MelkorBSD melkor at melkor.ru
Mon Jul 7 09:27:13 PDT 2008

Hi, Everybody!

Im release PC-BSD-RU 7.0 ALPHA3 now.

PC-BSD-RU is an assembly variant (not fork) of PC-BSD, putting the the main
priority maintenance normal support of languages and national-specific
programs for the countries xUSSR (now Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) with
an opportunity of the subsequent integration of operating time in the
basic distribution kit.

What we have:
- FreeBSD 7.0
- Core apps: Xorg 7.3, KDE 3.5.8, Qt 3.3.8+Qt 4.3.4, GTK 1.2.10+GTK 2.12.10, Cups 1.3.7, Fluxbox-1.0
(We are not plans to migrate to KDE4 in near future... so buggy)
- Apps: Amarok, Kaffeine, Kopete, Basket, Fusefs, fwbuilder, grub, kickpim,
kmplayer, knemo, kports, linuxdcpp, linux-flashplugin, oss, putty, samba,
tightvnc, tetex, wget, fbreader, djview4 and so etc (see full package list at attach).
- Drivers NVIDIA 173.14.05, 71.86.04, 96.43.05
- Extended components (CD2): FreeBSD Documentation, FreeBSD Sources, FreeBSD Ports Tree.
- Extended programs (CD2):
  * compiz (moved from base system to optional components),
  * firefox(+localization),
  * k3b(+localization),
  * kdeaccebility,
  * kdeedu,
  * kdegames,
  * koffice(+localization),
  * kdevelop
  * kdetoys
  * klamav
  * knowit
  * krusader
  * kvirc
  * mc
  * localized openoffice 2.4.1-infra (+jre)
  * opera
  * quanta
  * sim-im
  * wine
  * localized xmms
  * kbtv2
  * qutim
  * qbittorrent
  * firefox3 (experimental)
  (see full package list at attach)

- Correct localization for Russia, Ukraine and Belrus (utf-8 locale, filenames, mount, fonts, keyb swith with Ctrl+Shift)
- Includunt mpd4 with working config for pptp/l2tp-providers. GUI Configurator of VPN in plans
- We change version numbering to be similar to FreeBSD versions
- 2CD and DVD variants
- Default russian settings in installer
- InstallCD based at Frenzy.
- Check identity of files at installer's start
- Fix: single quotes at passwords
- servicemenus (Root Actions, EMailAttach)
- Localized license
- drivers if_ae, if_age, ath+madwifi
- Menu of boot variants (Install, Vesa-install, 800x600, partition editor, Console, Reboot)
- New xorg drivers: video (r128, mach64, i810, sis-intel, openchrome) and input (synaptics)
- Change linux emulation to fc6 and kernel 2.6
- Experimental support of UFS+GJournal, ZFS
- You can make bootable flash disk from installer of DVD
- Add ntfs-3g support

More info you can see at http://www.pcbsd.su/release/7.0/alpha3/en

MelkorBSD                          mailto:melkor at melkor.ru

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