[PC-BSD Testing] Bug Reports

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jul 7 07:41:59 PDT 2008


I'm back from the holiday this weekend, and starting to go through all 
the reports from everybody. Thanks for trying our the Alpha and giving 
your feedback. I just wanted to throw my 2cents in on everything.

First of all, keep the bug reports coming. I've already fixed these things:

* Installer fonts are too big on some monitors - Fixed
* KDE Panel doesn't stretch across the entire screen - Fixed
* PC-BSD System Tool doesn't load - Fixed

I will continue to keep reading all the responses and try to get as many 
of these things fixed as I can before rolling another alpha next Friday.

I'm also just about ready to enable our PBI build server to upload the 
complete set of PCBSD7 PBIs, which will be usable on KDE4 right away. 
I'm just waiting for our ftp.pcbsd.org server migration to finish, which 
should be done in a day or two.

Now about the response to KDE4. I was in the same boat as most of you at 
first, confused by some of the changes, and not sure if I liked them or 
not. But after using it on my laptop for almost a month now, I'm a 
pretty big believer in it. Especially when demoing it for a brand new 
end user, they seem to like the interface and it feels very accessible 
to them. I even personally prefer the kickoff kmenu now, since I still 
see plenty of systems running in 1024x768, its nice to have a menu that 
doesn't get too big for the screen, and the favorites system is very 
nice as well. That being said, of course its not for everybody, and you 
can very easily switch kickoff back to the regular KDE 3.x menu, by 
adding the "traditional application launcher menu" widget to the panel, 
and removing the new one. I think its good that they kept that in, so we 
get the best of both worlds.

Also, one main reason I wanted to get us testing KDE4.1 right now is 
that it is still in 'beta' status, which means if you find critical 
bugs, or usability issues, you there is still time to submit them to the 
KDE dev team, via the bug system (http://bugs.kde.org/), or on their 
mailing lists. KDE 4.1 is slated for the end of July, so we still have 
several weeks to get any fixes / enhancements into 4.1 that we may feel 

Lastly, thank you again to everybody for helping to test PCBSD7 & 
KDE4.1. I'm eager to get back to work on it, and fix up these issues you 
have found. Also if anybody would like to help with the KDE4 porting 
issues, or even maybe help us to fix Konsole, here's some information to 
get you started:

Konsole Bug report:

Instructions for applying area51 source to FreeBSD ports tree. This is 
how we are compiling KDE4.1 right now:


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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