[PC-BSD Testing] System Manager

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Sun Jul 6 12:22:46 PDT 2008

When I try to access System Settings - System Manager I get the  
following error:

The shared library "kcm_pcbsdsystem" not found.

Also, I reinstalled the Alpha this morning and this time it did not  
prompt me to insert CD #3. I am not complaining, mind you, but it did  
strike me as a bit odd.

After playing with the alpha for a bit more today I am starting to get  
more comfortable with KDE4. I am still not sure whether or not I like  
it, but at least I am not ready to chuck it. Using xterm I ran a make  
on Firefox 3 and am much happier than I was. PC-BSD continues to be  
very stable for me and most of my problems at this point are a result  
of KDE4. I will continue to work with it.

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