[PC-BSD Testing] You are right

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Sat Jul 5 14:11:00 PDT 2008

What /Federico is trying to say is that your tone and language cross the 
line . As a Linux?BSD user you should know enough about the volunteer 
nature of the community to show a basic level of respect . Everything 
they do is a step forward for themselves and every other project out 
there . Personally I despise the KDE 4 series and simply don't see how 
it will become a viable desktop . It does not cater to the windows crowd 
as is is a pig to use and it does not cater to the geek crowd as it is a 
heavyweight desktop . The developers maybe stuck  in  a KDE mindset , 
but if you've been paying attention , you'll notice an excellent Gnome 
PBI in development and KDE 3x is still in ports . The developers have 
done a ton of work and should get credit where credit is due . The 
installer , video setup and artwork are all excellent - the best in the 
Linux / BSD world in my opinion .
  Things I would really like to see like good gaming , decent bluetooth 
support , and one freakin bootloader that works the same for all distros 
are failings of the Linux/BSD OSes  in general . Power is in numbers . I 
would imagine that if every major project gave Nokia a call and said we 
would like a Linux version of your PC Suite , they might get some 
attention . This go it alone attitude and infighting is a disease in the 
Linux/BSD community that serves no one .

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