[PC-BSD Testing] How to configure wireless and other questions

Isaac MacFarlane spideyfan1972 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 00:37:23 PDT 2008

Hi there. New user of BSD. I was told this should work with my Atheros
AR5007EG wireless card. I haven't been able to locate where that would be
configured though. Probably because I am used to using Gnome on Linux. As a
result all of the tools I am used to are missing.

On the plus side, it does seem like everything else is working properly. I
haven't tried the memory card reader that is builtin yet though. Need to
find the adapter that came with my cell phones card and then I can plug it
in and see if it works.

I'm also curious about the speed. Will it be getting faster as we approach
the final release? It seems to be slower than Linux was on this system. One
thing that comes to mind is that maybe it isn't using both cores as default.
Do I need to build a custom kernel for that to work?

Sorry for all the newbie questions. This is really my first attempt at BSD
that wasn't already installed on a system.

Isaac MacFarlane
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