[PC-BSD Testing] New PCBSD7 Alpha with KDE 4.1

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Fri Jul 4 10:22:03 PDT 2008

 This is sixth time I've tested a KDE4 OS and found it unusable . Here 
is my experience :

- the installer , video setup , and artwork are excellent - as usual
- extras were offered but unavailable for install

- multiple CDs , why not one DVD ?

- boot fails and hangs with "sio1:port may not be enabled " , unplugging 
my bluetooth dongle and hitting reset fixes the problem

- the new kick off menu , at least for me , is horribly unintuitive - I 
seen no way to change it

- I couldn't find a shortcut to update ports or system source

- konsole gave me a black box - literally  , no prompt , nothing

- The icons ( or widgets I guess ) were in some kind of semi 
transparent  boxes that , to me anyways , clutter up the desktop .

- I had an error trying to get a little deeper into system settings , 
but by that time was ready to reboot .

My conclusions

- Unless KDE4 makes some radical usability improvements , I am done with 
KDE centered distros . I am switching  all my Linux desktops over to 
Gnome . I'm sure that die hard KDE fans will disagree , but the proof is 
in the putting . There is no way that the vast majority of PC users are 
going to use KDE4 . I notice a Gnome PBI . If it gets ported to PC-BSD 7 
I'll give PC-BSD 7 a try .

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