[PC-BSD Testing] New PCBSD7 Alpha with KDE 4.1 available!

a. yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Fri Jul 4 04:14:44 PDT 2008

Kris Moore wrote:
> Bill Leeper wrote:
>> A couple of quick comments before I hit the sack. I am a bit confused  
>> here. During the install it prompted me to insert Disk #3. Since I did  
>> not have three disks I removed disk 2 and just clicked continue. the  
>> message went away and it then prompted me to reboot, which I did. It  
>> booted up fine but I have an empty Ports folder and I told it to  
>> install the ports. The other software I selected to install seems to  
>> not be there as well. Should I have left disk 2 in the tray and  
>> clicked OK? I will probably just try a reinstall in the morning.
> Opps, sorry about that. I Should have mentioned, that for this Alpha, 
> please skip the optional components section. Those will be on CD3 
> eventually, and our build server is still busy cranking them out. I'll 
> try to have them ready for the next alpha in a week or so.
>> Also, the font used during the install was a bit too large. When  
>> filling in the PC-BSD install screen the text "User Accounts" ran down  
>> into the top of the account list window. And the last line of text in  
>> the quick tips windows had only the very tops of the characters  
>> showing. The rest was out of the window. There were several other  
>> places where text was a bit too large as well.
> Yea, that is a new bug, I've seen it here on my widescreen desktop. I'll 
> get that fixed up for the next alpha as well :)

Kris, my external WD-80 detected ok, but if I choose UFS-Journal, only 
1,9Gb partition created, and ofcourse all fails - no space left.
Any suggestions?

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