[PC-BSD Testing] ad0s2 vs ad{4|8}s2

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Dec 30 06:50:14 PST 2008

A. Yerenkow wrote:
> Gary B. Corell wrote:
>> Testing List:
>>  1. Is there anybody that can tell me why FreeBSD from 6.3 thru 7.1RC1 
>> would describe my harddisk partition  as ad4s2 or ad8s2 while PCBSD 
>> 1.5.n or 7.n will describe it as ad0s2. This also applies to my other 
>> two bsd partitions on the same hard disk.
> I had this too. I could explain as I see this :) ad4, ad8 - that's 
> correct names according to sata ports on motherboard. ad0 ad1 - it's the 
> same, but under pcbsd, it's ordered and numered 0,1,2...

The difference is in the kernel options. On PC-BSD we have this 
commented out:

#options        ATA_STATIC_ID   # Static device numbering

This makes drives show up as 0,1,2, etc, instead of your first disk 
being ad4 or something. For end users, I felt this was easier, since 
most systems will only have 1 disk, and it will always be "ad0".


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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