[PC-BSD Testing] OLLOW-UP on PBI version of Firefox 3.0.4 and printing issues

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 19:25:18 PST 2008

FOLLOW-UP on PBI version of Firefox 3.0.4 and printing issues --

Dear Fabry --

I never realized before, but even if you have several printers installed,
Firefox 3's print box does not let you select from the printer pool.  You
get two choices:  Print to File and Print to LPR.  There is no dropdown list
or pick box like there is for Mozilla SeaMonkey.  (SeaMonkey is still using
the "old" Mozilla Firefox type code base which may account for the
difference.  Also, SeaMonkey plays nice with YouTube.)

So, with FireFox 3.0.x, when you pick LPR, you get the printer system
printer that is set as default.  You would have to input a command line to
get another printer, or you would have to go to the CUPS control module and
set another printer as the default.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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